Fit me in!

Hello strangers, I am a 22 yrs old girl, from Brazil (Currently living in Rome, Italy), who needs lose weight ( 44 lbs) to be happy and health. I know I am pretty and cool, but I still have a lower self-esteem and I need feel comfortable with who I am. I love dance ( ballet), swim, running, yoga and cook.

I know that 44 lbs is kind of few close another girls with serious weight problem. But each pound will makes a difference in me.
Start Weight: 175 lbs
Current Weight: 158 lbs

1 Goal Weight: 170 lbs
2 GW: 160 lbs
3 GW: 150 lbs
4 GW: 145 lbs
5 GW: 140 lbs
GW: 130 lbs \o/

I know it will be not easy, but I have sure I can do it. Who is with me?

Ps: English is not my first language, so sometimes I can write something wrong and you can understand me bad. Please, understand my language limitations. :)
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