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Hello strangers, I am a 22 yrs old girl, from Brazil (Currently living in Rome, Italy), who needs lose weight ( 44 lbs) to be happy and health. I know I am pretty and cool, but I still have a lower self-esteem and I need feel comfortable with who I am. I love dance ( ballet), swim, running, yoga and cook.

I know that 44 lbs is kind of few close another girls with serious weight problem. But each pound will makes a difference in me.
Start Weight: 175 lbs
Current Weight: 158 lbs

1 Goal Weight: 170 lbs
2 GW: 160 lbs
3 GW: 150 lbs
4 GW: 145 lbs
5 GW: 140 lbs
GW: 130 lbs \o/

I know it will be not easy, but I have sure I can do it. Who is with me?

Ps: English is not my first language, so sometimes I can write something wrong and you can understand me bad. Please, understand my language limitations. :)
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Hey I’m Jacqueline!

Im 20 years old and 5’11”

Left photo was me in highschool at my highest weight ever 385lbs

Right photo was me on Easter 2014 at 315lbs

I have been plateuing for last 4 months and its extremely hard to keep going when I feel as if nothing is happening but it is always good to look back to this photo and see how far I have come.

If you would like to follow me along my journey, heres my blog.

keep going! You aredoing so well!


Remember that fitness isn’t just about one thing! Work hard, play hard, love yourself, eat well, sleep well.

"How you got three women to marry you, I’ll never know."

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if you want a nice body, go get it. if you want to become a lawyer, study your ass off. if you want nice hair, pick a style and get it done. stop being afraid and motivate yourself. find yourself. find your happiness, because it’s out there waiting for you.

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this is me every 3 hours

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Always reblog big kitties with their leetle kitties.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
how do you use your ipad to help you study?
ifyoulookstars ifyoulookstars Said:



I’m sorry this took so long to answer, but I wanted to do it properly and it’s a hard question. But here we go!!


I have my 8tracks app so I can listen to good studying playlist while I’m writing papers for uni, etc. It makes those thing more bearable!! And I also use Podcasts a lot, because english is not my first language and it helps me improve my pronunciation while I learn something interesting!! 

Secondly, I have my documents apps, I use dropbox to share and save all the documents I need for uni. But my favorite one is pdf notes, it allows you to save in your iPad all your pdf documents, you can organize them in different folders and this is how it looks: 

In the circle you can see all the categories, and in the background, you can see my histology class slides. I carry them here because that way I don’t need to print them so I save lots of money in that aspect, and when I’m studying I can complete my notes looking at them, without getting lost in piles of notes and papers. I also use this app to carry medical textbooks in pdf format, which is SO helpful, because I don’t have to go with a heavy bag full of books to uni, and it’s way cheaper

Then I have this HUGE bunch of medical apps, but the one I use most are the ones in the circle. 3D 4 Medical apps are simply gorgeous, they’re functional, accurate, helpful and a great resource. Essential Anatomy has been the key for me in this term’s anatomy! Also, you have the most HELPFUL app to study the skull, really I can’t praise it enough. I couldn’t put my hands on a skull at the beginning of this term, so I studied with this one and believe me, the results were magnificent! Here you have it: Skull Viewer

As you can see, there are other apps helpful for medicine students, such as Sobotta’s anatomy atlasbut it’s pretty expensive and the free one doesn’t have many features so, um, yeah, just go to the library and get the book; There’s also spinning brain, pretty good to study the brain! Well, you get the idea, just typing medicine in your iPad you’ll get lots of suggestions, but these are the ones I use most. Just try them and see which ones you find useful!! 

I use a lot this writing tools: Pages for iPad. It wasn’t free when I got my iPad, but I think the new iPad models have it incorporated? I find this app pretty useful because I write a lot, and since I have pages in my laptop too, I have all my documents synchronized and I can finish things in uni without having to carry my laptop everywhere! I don’t use it to take note, because I’m a very “pencil and paper” person, but I have classmates who use it for that, and they say it saves them lots of times! So you have another idea there! Also, Textilus allows you to write and edit documents in a lot of formats, so it’s really helpful. Keynote is another apple app, which is pretty similar to power point, but, you know, made by apple. I have it synchronized with my laptop too, so I use it to create and edit the presentations I have to give in uni (which are a lot, son). I have FREE apps, such as MindMeister or Inspiration to create mind maps, and MindTools to learn about team work, management and those things (this one is quite interesting, check it!!) 

If you didn’t know about these apps, you’re going to hear about them now because they are my absolute favorites!!!!! TED is famous program which brings creative and inspirational people to give talks, and believe me, you can learn so much from listening to these talks, I can’t even begin to describe it! It’s not something you’d find “useful” for uni, but knowledge doesn’t end there!! And Coursera is such a great organization! I learnt about it thanks to a friend, and it’s amazing: you get to enroll in professional courses about a wide variety of interesting topics for FREE. Yes, my friend, for free. If you pay a minimum sum you can get an official certificate, but if you are just interested in learning, this is your place! I took a course in Medical Neuroscience and I learnt so much!! (And it’s going to be really useful when I start neuroanatomy next year) 

Finally, I have the famous Microsoft apps to work in this format from my iPad, which is really helpful when you work with people that work with this format: OneNoteWordPowerPointExcel

I also use my iPad when I need to do research at uni, but of all the apps I mentioned, I would say that pdf notes is the most useful one for me. 

Hope this helped!!! 

My art background is made by the lovely inchellsI’m a huge hobbit and Sherlock fan, what can I do

For those of you with iPads!